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I am so full of joy dearest Online Family and Friends, because I finally got an opportunity to stop in to say HI; plus chat a bit with you!  Yes indeed…as we made our way to and from the Southeastern part of the US, [while sitting in front of my laptop] I was all smiles; because of the blessed and uninterrupted time I had to connect with you.

Truly…deeply I “miss you…much!”  Sooooo missing “vibing” with you!  Strange that, sometimes I feel like someone or something is doing a good job deterring me from accomplishing what brings me happiness.  But you know what?  LOL, I am determined to fight that negative force; so that my life can return to normalcy (once again); which without a doubt will allow me to connect with you more frequently. 

In all honesty, LIFE---although interesting and at times fun; has been a “roller coaster.”  But one must just keep “trodding along” with this thing called life, plus working towards accomplishing those goals; while keeping an optimistic attitude, and a positive state of mind.  And that is precisely what my husband “Todd” and I have been doing.

So…online family and friends, we at AEG say a big HELLO to you.  And we want you to know that in this world where everything seems uncertain; only one thing is definite: “you our online family will ALWAYS be our friends…beyond words, beyond time, and beyond distance.  With this being said, how are all of you doing?  How is your family?  Was your Summer wonderful?  And are you enjoying Fall, so far?  Truly we hope all is well, and life is really good for you. 

You may recall in my last eNewsletter I shared with you that my Mother is here in the states vacation. And it really has been a joy having her in our home.  She is super cool, has the most amazing fun attitude; and loves to “lime.”  [LOL, she always out “lime” Todd and I!]   In fact, nothing about her has changed since I was a child; she is just a real cool…fun loving person.  And we are happy she decided to spend her long vacation with us.

One important question in America “now a days” is: WHAT’s TRENDING?  So on the business front; we’re glad to share with you that Arious Entertainment Group “AEG” is TRENDING with our “Meet Ups”… our special social event!!!  Our “Meet Ups” are a beautiful way to physically keep in touch, and it affords us the opportunity to get together…to share and gain knowledge, be inspired, and to feel integrally connected to our friends, colleagues, and associates.  On a personal note, we feel it allows us to reconnect and retrieve what we have had with the community…a community that we strongly feel has become physically disconnected.

A few weeks ago we held our first “Meet Up,” and despite the torrential amounts of rain on the night we got together; we were pleased that folks came out and spent some valuable time with us.  We had lively fun conversations, laughed our butts off, drank some interesting drinks, and just had a lovely time meeting, greeting, chatting, sharing, and networking --- while experience a new place.  It was truly a great night because of the positive and intelligent conversations; and most importantly spending quality time with beautiful people we have so much in common with.

Of course, we feel it is important to continue with this new trend because it’s something very special about looking across a room and seeing several associates, friends and colleagues sharing a drink while chatting and laughing.  LOL, and witnessing whatever rivalries they may have harbored left at the door.  We also know these “Meet Ups” will allow many of you to make important contacts, learn from each other, and possibly lead you on that path towards doing what you love, as well as with accomplishing quite a few of your goals.

THEREFORE, this Friday, October 11th, 2013; we have organized our 2nd “Meet Up”; and you are cordially invited!  The venue is: “Game Sports Bar and Grill, located at 11200 Scaggsville Road, Laurel, Maryland 20743.  “Meet Up” hours are: 6:00 pm to Midnight.  However, we urge you to arrive early, so that you can take advantage of the Happy Hour drink specials; and Happy Hour menu…KEEP IN MIND THAT HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS END AT 7:00 pm.  Of course, it is FREE [Absolutely No Cover].  And being a sports bar you are welcome to represent your favorite sport team.  Do Check out our flyer below; and we hope to see you on Friday!!!!



Incredibly heartache, sorry, and anxiety succumbed many of our lives over these past few weeks here in the Washington DC and surrounding areas.  So much so that my insides constantly feel like it’s “tied up in knots”; simply because lately tragedies are becoming the norm.  And one’s safety is uncertain due to massacres taking place seemingly anywhere.

Gosh, that shocking and devastating mass shooting/killings that occurred here in Washington DC some weeks ago at one of the most secure places [The Navy Yard] still plagues my mind.  To think I was, and is located only a 5-minute drive from where the murderous rampage occurred. 

The below is a quote from a good friend; who was “locked down” for many hours in one of the buildings next door to the deadly scene.  Although we knew he worked several buildings away from the actual building the massacre took place; we somehow began worrying about him, and hoped he was safe. After not hearing from him for some hours we got even more concerned.  But finally our fears were laid to rest, because he did call and shared his experience of the frightening ordeal with us.  

We are thankful that you were safe John!

“Weird that I was handling an assignment in the building next door to the Navy Yard.  Hum, the details of that morning keep running in my mind.  Anyway me, and many others were “locked down” in that building until 8:00 pm. (Approximately 11 hours after arriving to work.)  Man, it was a horrible experience…I never thought I would ever experience this kind of horror…”  “You know...seeing things like this on TV, I never expected to be right in the middle of it.  It was truly a scary experience, that has shaken me up quite a bit.”

Our hearts are aching with the families of the 12 victims for their unfortunate loss, and we pray that the 8 wounded during this horrific ordeal WILL recover fully very soon from their injuries.  Without a doubt, mentally it will be difficult for them to ever forget about this vicious and merciless massacre…it will stay in their minds and hearts forever.  As for the shooter, clearly he exhibited signs of serious mental illness; and seeked helped.  We in America must really begin to push for tighter mental health care laws, as well as improved treatment.  We must push our Congressmen and Congresswomen to work harder on these important mental health care laws; and in fact we must push them harder on fixing our broken Mental Health Care System.  Honestly, there is absolutely no excuse for this man’s mental state to have been overlooked.

Already with heightened anxiety, last Thursday's shooting and killing on Capitol Hill made me numb.  Once Todd called me and told me about the violent scene, the shooting incident, and further told me to stay in my office; worry began to set in.  And after getting official notification that our offices were “locked down” panic really set in.  My office is located a short distance from where the chase ended and shooting took place; therefore, we were locked down for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Wow, what a nerve racking experience!  In fact---fear, panic, and even regret was on many of my colleague’s faces.  2 of them (who I thought were joking) regretted not having their guns with them so that they could protect themselves.  HUH???  Are you all serious I asked?  But I guess they have a point!  Sadly, a young child is motherless today; and there is no clear sense of what was really plaguing the Mother’s mind and soul.  Obviously it all goes back to her mental state of mind; (delusional, depression (postpartum) with psychosis...[per the many news reports.] )  Therefore, we have seriously got to push to fix our clearly broken National Mental Health care system. 

God forbid if any of us ever have to experience such a horrific shooting rampage such as the “Navy Yard” massacre; but IT IS always good to be prepared, and to keep ourselves safe.  Therefore, below I have added a few important tips you should follow in response to an "Active Shooter" Incident.  These tips are to help...prepare you to protect yourself, and others if an "Active Shooter" incident ever occurs.  Absolutely, use them to determine the most reasonable way to protest yourself, others, your family, friends, and/or all those around you.


If there is an accessible escape path, attempting to evacuate the premises.  Be sure to:

        Prepare To tell Police:

  • Description of the Shooter(s)

  • Last known location of the Shooter(s)

  • Your exact location.

  • How many other are with you.   


Steps to prevent an "Active Shooter" from entering your hiding place:

  • Lock the door.

  • Blockade the door with heavy furniture

  • Silence your cell phone.

  • Turn off any source of noise (i.e., radios, televisions).

  • Hide behind large items (i.e., cabinets, desks).

  • Remain quite.

If evacuation and hiding out are not possible:

  • Remain Calm.

  • Call 911, if possible to alert Police to the Active Shooter's location.

  • If you cannot speak, leave the line open and allow the dispatcher to listen.

For more tips, specifically regarding "Taking Action" and "When Law Enforcement Arrives":  CLICK HERE!

This darn Government “Shut Down!”  Why are we back at this point again????  Can’t help but wonder why the folks who represent us in Government, continuously toy with our lives.  This Budget, as well as Policies, and Acts that our Congressmen and Congresswomen simply will not agree on and fix once and for all is highly upsetting, and sickens me to the core.  So here we are approaching the 8th day of this painful Government “shut down” and the question that is plaguing my mind is: what about the people of America…dear LAWMAKERS?????  What about the people who elected you the Congressmen and Congresswomen to: (1) represent us; (2) work hard towards making sure our policy and laws are implemented; and (3) whose taxes pay your salaries.  What about us, and what we want????  Truly, it’s nauseating…hum, Congress is getting paid their salaries during the “shut down” and the Government Workers are not.  INSANE…right???

Well, it’s no secret that I support President Obama; and although I agree with his refusal to negotiate with Congress, I am having a hard time agreeing and accepting his beloved Affordable Health Care Act “Obamacare.”  In fact, I have shared my feelings openly about this Act in past writings.  And I personally feel it is far from being affordable.  The Act is complex and difficult to understand; but from my readings it has some positives: (1) it will allow people who currently lack insurance get various types of government-sponsored coverage; (2) it bars insurance companies from denying benefits due to someone having a pre-existing medical condition; (3) insurers must justify any move to raise health plans and premiums by 10 percent or more; and (4) participants who have kids will be able to cover their kids under the policy until they are 26 years old.

In recent days though, I have been hit with the terrible news of how badly this Affordable Health Care Act affects me…[my health insurance plan/coverage.].  I’ve learned that my premium has risen; my small co-pay (normally a few dollars per visit) has been eliminated; instead a % of my doctor’s bill I WILL HAVE to pay (and a high % at that); among other changes.  What bothers me the most is that this Act/Law requires me, as well as all Americans to have health care by January 1, 2014; and IF WE DON’T we will face a financial penalty.  You see, if for some reason I am unable to continue paying for my insurance coverage I will be panelized; as well as if I ever happen to lapse in payment. [From my understanding I believe a person will be panelized a % of their taxable household income.]  Just like it’s a law to have car insurance…where if you lapse in payment or just can’t afford to get it; you are faced with a financial penalty (you will be charged a daily fee until you purchase/reinstate your coverage;  This is precisely what will take place come January 1, 2014…ALL AMERICANS ARE REQUIRED UNDER THE LAW TO HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, OR PAY A FINE!

Isn’t this crazy???  Clearly, the American People are seriously being manipulated (in my humble opinion!!!!)  While it is mandatory for Americans to purchase Health Insurance, or be penalized; the Health Insurance companies are smiling and “sitting pretty” because they are sure to make massive amounts of money…they become richer, plus the cost of their stock is sure to increase!!!

Clearly...without a doubt Americans are under pressure.  And they say this Act/Law is implemented for Americans better interest.  Nope...I don’t believe this; to me we are clearly being manipulated!!!!


Have a very nice week everyone!  

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October 7, 2013



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